The Mantec team believes all stakeholders are an integral part of the process both pre, during and post construction.  Our aim is to ensure the process is an enjoyable and productive one ensuring a strong relationship with all stakeholders.


Construction Supplier Register. Mantec Projects is qualified for the Construction Supplier Register. The Construction Supplier Register pre-qualifies building and construction contractors in a range of categories to meet the needs of Victorian Government Departments undertaking construction projects.

Heritage Victoria. Mantec Projects is qualified for the the Heritage Victoria Consultant and Contractor Director. The Consultant and Contractor Directory lists people who can provide specialist advice or technical assistance to owners or managers of heritage properties, objects or collections.


We view health and safety with the utmost importance and we hold health and safety as the prime consideration of every activity.  The well being of our employees and those working with or for us are of fundamental importance.  

The responsibility and accountability for the successful delivery of health and safety performance rests with all employees who shall demonstrate their commitment at all times to ensure standards are maintained and enhanced.

Mantec Projects strives for excellence in OH&S and carries out total duty of care for the benefit of all employees, subcontractors, consultants, clients and the general public. 


At Mantec Projects, the ultimate measure of success is our clients’ satisfaction with the services we provide.  We value our relationships, ensuring our clients are an integral part of the process while we take full control, delivering high quality projects, on time and on budget.

Our employees and subcontractors are required to meet the highest standards when it comes to their work ethic and workmanship.  Mantec Projects are committed to achieving high standards of quality in all facets of the construction life-cycle thus constantly ensuring and exceeding customer expectations.


Sustainability is a highly important topic in today’s construction industry and Mantec Projects views sustainability with the utmost of importance.  We  strive to manage environmental, social and economic risks and responsibilities and as a result, capitalise on opportunities to deliver sustainable developments for the benefit of not only our clients, but society as a whole.

“Sustainability involves meeting the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs for tomorrow.”

We believe that being proactive about sustainability creates new opportunities, enhances value for investors and improves social and environmental returns.